Thursday, November 29, 2007

Thank you my "mysterious" partner

Hello ladies,

I received a wonderful Christmas ornament fron the States. The mailman brought it yesterday! It has a wonderful bird stitched in red varigated thread and I just love the gold branches the bird is sitting on.

My partner had also added scenery cards from here home state of Utah, wonderful places you have there!

Unfortunately there is no name on the cards so I don't know who I got this
wonderful work of art from.

And here's the beauty for all of you to see :D


Carol said...

Oh my - a mystery! I am sure Simone call tell you who your partner was :-) We would all like to know - pretty ornament!

Simone said...

That's such a pretty ornament, Mia! And your mysterious partner is...

Sally said...

What a beautiful ornament:)

sandy said...

your mystery partner is me! I was in such a hurry to get it to you that I forgot to add my name - but I loved doing it.
sandy schlueter
provo utah usa

RobynE said...

Pretty! Who's the designer?