Saturday, September 20, 2008

Time To Start!

Yes, it's time to dust off the needles and start stitching. Remember, ALL kinds of needlework are allowed here, so be creative and go outside your box. Remember too, though, that this is a gift and you put your best work into gifts. I am changing a rule or two as I take over. I discussed this with Simone, and she said to go ahead.

First, to participate, you need to send your name, address, and email address to me at losthermarbles at If I don't get it by October 15th, you can't participate. I'm going to be a bit stringent about that - I'll be out of town and then out of commission until the first week of November after that date.

Second, if you've already participated, you have a choice to make! You can either be paired with someone specific OR mail your ornament to me and be surprised by who it will go to. If you have never participated before, you MUST mail your ornament to me with a return envelope. I will pay postage to get an ornament to you. This is to prevent problems with things not showing up on time or at the right place. I want to make certain that everyone who sends an ornament receives one. Period. If you do not live up to your obligation to send one, you will be blacklisted unless you can convince me that you had a problem AND you tell me before the mailing date. If you're not going to be able to mail it on time, you should know the day before. Mailing date for this exchange is November 20th.

I'm probably going to seem more strict to you than Simone was. If I am, blame me and not her! She did this hard work through three exchanges and deserves a break and a hearty thank you.

If you want this group to grow, add the link to your blogs or mention the exchange on your blogs. Maybe someone new will read it and be interested.

So lets have some fun and start stitching!


Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Meg is going to take over!

I had some contact with Meg after the announcement that I wanted to quit the Ornie exchanges.
Meg volunteerd to take it over! So the Xmas ornies are staying!
I'm very happy that Meg wants to continue the blog. I'm sure she soon will start a new exchange.
In the mean time I'll try to get the last 4 ornies at their receivers.

Thank you all for joining the exchanges. I'm sure Meg will do a great job on the next one!

hugs, Simone

Monday, September 8, 2008

End of the ornie exchanges

I've decided to quit with the Xmas ornie exchanges... With the first exchange I had to chase some people behind their buds to get their ornaments in the mail. And from the Xmas in July are also 4 ornaments still missing. I'm getting tired of it!
I will make sure that these last 4 ornaments will be received by their new owners, at last. But I'm not going to organize a new exchange!

Is their anyone who wants to take over the blog? Please contact me.
Otherwise I will delete it in a while...

I'm sorry, but I'm very disappointed! And I think I can spent my time better on stitching...
For those of you who did sent their ornaments in time: Thank you!

Hugs, Simone