Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Lovely snowguy from the Netherlands! =D


I got a dear pack from Elza, at the Netherlands! She made me a cute snow fellow, finished as a pinkeep and included a beautiful post card from Harlingen and a kit for me to make cross stitch cards. Oh, sweetie! Thank you!I love it all! =D

I was, deep in my heart, hoping you could be my sender, because Elza is the name of my mother, and nothing bad can come from someone with that name, and guess what? I was right!=)

Thank you, Simone, for running this swap.You are the best!

I am about to finish my ornament. If you girls take a look at my previous post on my blog, you´ll know I had to take some time off from needles, but could not let my partner down. For you, secret friend, I am making something that I hope you enjoy as much as I enjoyed the parcel from Elza.

Much love,



Elza said...

Hoi Janaina, I am happy that you like your snowman.
How is it possible that your mothers name is Elza.
Also with an z.
Greetings Elza from Harlingen.