Saturday, December 27, 2008


I decided to post pictures of all the ornaments sent to me and sent back out. Thank you all for making this year's exchange a success. Do you want to do one in the summer, too, or just at Christmas?

This is the ornament I made and sent to Diana in the Netherlands.

Nic's ornament went to Linda.

Madonna' ornament went all the way to Kirsi in Thailand.

Linda's ornament went out to Amy.

Kirsi's ornament was sent to Margaret.

I kept Diana's ornament.

Margaret's ornament went to Madonna.

And Amy's ornament went across the pond to Nic.


Frontrange Stitcher said...

Ooo, how exciting to see the ornaments. Love that mine went all the way to Thailand! I would participate again, either in the Summer or next Christmas, or both.
Thanks again Meg.

Linda Robinson said...

Thanks Meg for posting all of the pictures of the ornamnets - truly delightful to see everyone's contribution to the 2008 Christmas exchange! As I first time participant I must say I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. I especially appreciate the lead role you took as well as the extra goodies you so thoughtfully added to the ornament packages. Great job done! Thanks for all the extra time and effort you contributed for everyone's enjoyment. I would be pleased to participate again and would encourage fellow friend stitchers to get on board.

AMBER said...

I just found this site. Would love to join in the fun. I don't do Christmas, but Chanukah. Should be pretty easy.

Meg said...

Hi Amber-

We'll be setting together another exchange in March. Stay tuned and join up!

karen said...

I too would love to join your exchange. will be looking for signups.

Michele said...

Meg! thanks for sharing all the wonderful pictures! Everyone did an awesome job!

I am definately up for more exchanges with you and this group of ladies .. everyone is so nice :)