Monday, October 8, 2007

Something Australian for my tree

Hi (mysterious) partner from Australia,

You asked me if it's okay to stitch something Australian for my tree. And yes, ofcourse that's okay, I would love that. I'm already so excited, I can't hardly wait :-)

Jeanine (Verhoeven) from the Netherlands


Cathy C said...

Since I am new to this grup as far as looking at the posts, I thought I might make a suggestion. I don't konw how you prepare information for the group, but it seems that people still have questiosn when they get your name -- what you like, dislike. It might just be good since the names are already given out, to just have each person post a "informative" post that includes those things that they like and dislike, that way everyone still remains anonymous. If you have someone's name you can look on the blog and find out what they like, or dislike on the comments...that might help everyone and keep the names secret. Just a thought...:-) In other groups I have been in before, we provide that information with our names when we sign up that way the person receiving your name has all the questions answered up front. Sure wish I had not missed the sign up date ...but next year :-)
Cathy C