Thursday, December 6, 2007

Christmas ornament from Leena

I received my Christmas ornament (for the Xmas ornie exchange) from Leena today. She stitched me such a pretty ornament! It has an unusual
color-combination, but - like you wrote Leena - I love it! This ornament is
getting a good place in my tree (which I'm going to put in my living room
this weekend) Leena also added some nice gifts: a piece of quilt fabric, a
transparent blue ribbon, some Atalie-floss (my first one!) in "caramel" and
a bar of chocolate, which I just ate!
Leena, thank you so much! I love your gifts!!!


Laurylyan said...

Oh WOW! What a wonderful ornament!
It's so unusual, and love the old english country colors.

Carol R said...

That is just gorgeous - unusual colors and a brilliant finish. Well done Leena