Monday, December 10, 2007

Sending your Ornaments

Your ornaments suppose to be sent by almost a week now... Still I haven't heard from several people if they have sent them! I try to contact them via private mail and only one person responded untill now... These are the persons I haven't heard from:

Janien Colans
Karen Snowdowne Sent and received her ornaments
Monique Dons Did sent her ornament
Nicole Goodwin Had some delays, will send her ornament in a few days
Pearl C. Lengling Sent with delay
Ruth Sinclair Received hers from Karen, will send to her partner in a few days
Shirlee Lewis Has sent her ornament
Tina Buckner

Please let me know if you've sent your ornament!!! And if not, contact me too, so that I can inform your partner about the delay. You can contact me at simonedejong @ planet . nl (without the spaces). Remember: by joining this exchange you've obligations to your partner!
It will also be nice if you let me know that you've received an ornament. At least let your partner know!!!
I hope this exchange will work out fine and everybody receives a Christmas ornament in the end....