Wednesday, December 5, 2007

O got a beautiful ornament

Yesterday the mailman brought me a package from Luxembourg. It was so much fun to open it. And what did I find inside, just look at the pictures. Isn't this ornament great! The star is completely stitched over 1 and it has great sparkles on it. And the backside looks great too.
Thank you very much Jule, this ornament will have a very nice place on our tree in the future.


Laurylyan said...


You are very welcome :-) I'm definitely happy it arrived in time for Sinterklaas ;-)
As I've said it was great fun stitching it for you.



P.S.: I hope you kept the "black box" also. It was part of the "prezzies" ;-)

dineke said...

Hi Jule,
Of course I kept the box too. It just wouldn't show up right on a photo. I thought it is perfect to hold my stitched cards after I displayed them for a while.
We all had a great Sinterklaas.
greetings Dineke

RobynE said...

That is really beautiful! What designer/design is it?

Laurylyan said...

RobynE, :-)

If you are talking of the front design, well... I've designed it for this exchange.
If you are talking of the snowflake design at the back of the ornament I found it here:
It's a freebie from a member of the HAED Yuku Board. I only added the speciality stitches.