Monday, December 10, 2007

Lucky -- Unlucky

Mr. Postman brought both joy and annoyance --

This beauty arrived from Michele in Kansas
Simone's Exchange 2007 -- from Michele in KS
The pretty glitter in the background is the gift bag Michele wrapped in.
Michele, this is sooooo beautiful. Thank you!!!!!!! Currently this beauty is decorating my office and making everyone jealous.

The unlucky bit -- I'm sorry to the person who is waiting for my package, but postal machines are mean. The pack came back to me. Part of the envelop looks like it got eaten. Everything inside is fie though. Oh well, back to the post office.

Christmas *is* coming, I promise!!!

Ruth B.


Simone said...

Your ornament from Michele is so pretty!
Too bad your own ornament came back... Luckily it isn't damaged!

Laurylyan said...

Oh my... 'jawdrop'
This ornament is but so beautiful!

Can the stitcher give us the tip of how she made these ruffles?
It makes le whole ornament look so etherial and gorgeous!

Congratulations on such a gift, it is absolutely magnificent! :-D